Join us on Sunday at 1 for Black Diamond Switcholio!!

Weekly switcholio events will be starting soon for Black Diamond!

We will be hosting our switches at the Hazleton Area Recreation Program – HARP !

The HARP is a turfed indoor facility which willl be a perfect setup for our cornhole boards. We will be bringing our airmail tube which is currently at $1,400 or $350 per bag!

Our first switch event is scheduled for Friday September 1st. Doors open for registration at 6:30, bags fly at 7:30 so we can accommodate those working on Friday evenings. You can always pre-reg via Scoreholio!

Some might ask what a switcholio event is?! – Simply put, Switcholio is a blind draw round robin in which players get a new partner for every game, and get ranked on an individual basis. The organizer can use that leaderboard to recognize and reward top finishers, or seed them into a playoff. All done and managed for you through Scoreholio.

Scoreholio Link ➡️ https://app.scoreholio.com/link/yNNi