Live Class Descriptions

  • Powerbarz

    • A full body strength and conditioning class that uses multiple tools, including hand weights, an unloaded 13.5 lb. bar that can be added to for more resistance, and a step bench. This class can be modified to your skill and strength level.

  • Step and Sculpt

    • A mixed cardio class that includes patterns of choreography on a step but can be modified to low impact on the floor. Segments are broken into strength and cardio sections.

  • Strong Nation

    • The is the next level of HIIT training, with every move synced to the beat of the soundtrack. This class has a warmup followed by four quadrants that increase in intensity through Quadrant #3. Quadrant #4 is a core section based from the floor. This can be a 45 or 60 minute class.

  • Circl Mobility

    • Based on the science of functional movement, CIRCL Mobility™ focuses on flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises to help your students move better, longer. Set to a soundtrack of healing tones + sound frequencies to help your mind focus and release stress. This format was created by Zumba.

  • Weights and Core

    • A heavier lifting class with a focus on core strength. This class focuses on slower, heavier repetitions and bodyweight core strength. The class uses hand weights, a mat, and a bench.

  • Indoor Cycle

    • This is “reservation only” class. Bikes MUST be reserved in advance by registering through the front desk. Weighted flywheel bikes are used to simulate a real outdoor ride set to great music.

  • The Friday 15

    • This original class was created by Christie Provanzo. It is a 45-55 minute class comprised of 15 exercises, performed for 50 seconds a piece for two rounds. A theme is set for each class, such as cardio, arms, or legs and exercises are chosen to follow the theme. Class is followed by a short bonus section on designated days.

  • Full Body Circuit

    • This is a full hour class that incorporates rowers, balls, bikes, weights, sleds, and MORE! Longer work periods are set up to ensure that you have personal time with the trainer to work on the exercise given.

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